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Importance of Drain Cleaning

Professional drain cleaning in Mobile, Alabama, is important because grease, fat, and other common materials that get into drains can accelerate wear and corrosion. All these can contribute to leaks and other serious drain and sewer line issues. Additionally, professionally cleaned drains are less likely to back up or clog when you have a houseful of guests, or during other inconvenient times.

Big Signs of Drain Problems

A clogged drain is one of the more obvious signs of a drain problem, especially if the clog suddenly develops after you flush or try to drain water from your tub, shower, or sink. Other signs of drain problems include:

  • Bad drain odors
  • Drains going down unusually slow
  • Pooled water around drain locations
  • Recurring back-ups and clogs

What Causes Clogged Drains?

A clog issue can occur suddenly when something that shouldn’t be flushed is flushed, even if it claims to be “flushable.” Drains can also become blocked from an accumulation of hardened minerals known as pipe scale. Other common clog culprits include:

  • Fat, oil, and grease
  • A buildup of soap, hair, and other household debris over time
  • Tree or shrub roots
  • Structural issues — e.g., partial or full drain pipe collapses, cracks, hairline drain line fractures, etc.
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Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning

It’s tempting to grab a plunger or use drain cleaning products to quickly clear a clog or deal with other drain issues. Unfortunately, such methods have a tendency to do more harm than good. For instance, excess plunging can push clogs down further. Only professional drain snaking and other methods can avoid these risks.

Our trained technicians perform camera inspections and take other steps to identify the source and location of blockages before moving forward with drain cleaning services. We also perform cleaning techniques using professional-grade equipment, and in a way that’s safe for the drain.

Choose Surfside Plumbing As Your Drain Cleaning Experts

When you hire us to clean your drains, expect fast, local service coupled with:

  • Fair, upfront rates and honest, free estimates
  • Courteous, experienced, and respectful technicians
  • Camera inspections of your drain lines at no additional charge

Schedule a Drain Cleaning Today

Surfside Plumbing is the drain cleaning team to call when your drains need to be unclogged or cleaned ASAP – and we’re available 24/7 for urgent assistance. We’re also at your service when preventative cleanings are necessary to reduce your risk of unexpected drain surprises.

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