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What Is a Gas Line?

Your gas line helps provide access to natural gas to power appliances and other systems within your home, including your oven, gas cooktop, clothes dryer, hot-water tank and more. For many property owners, it is the ideal choice because it’s efficient and works quickly.

If You Don’t Have a Gas Line, Why Should You Get One?

In some areas, gas lines are not installed during the initial construction of a home. In other properties, they are installed but not used. In either case, you can and should have a gas line installed if there is a local supply available.

Installing a gas line comes with a few key benefits:

  • Gas lines provide access to a secondary source of power beyond electricity. It’s an important option in areas where electricity may be unreliable.
  • Natural gas can be competitively priced over other fuel sources in your area. For example, it may be less expensive to heat your home with natural gas than with propane.
  • Gas offers a bit more power than electricity does. For instance, using it to power your range can mean cooking meals more quickly and efficiently.
  • Investing in gas appliances can result in lower utility costs.
  • Having access to gas can boost your home’s value and be a benefit to future homebuyers.
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Don’t Go It Alone — Always Have a Professional Install Your Gas Line

Remember that natural gas is very combustible as well as life-threatening to breathe. Yet, it can also be quite difficult to detect, which is why you need to have a professional install your gas line. Licensed and certified plumbers can provide you with peace of mind. They will not only ensure proper building codes are met and installation is done well but also check for gas leaks, adding another layer of protection for you.

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