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The health of your pipes goes a long way toward determining the health of your entire plumbing system. One weakened or faulty pipe in the network and you could be looking at serious damage and expense. Your pipes are connected to your faucets, water heaters, dishwasher, washing machine and shower. When there are no issues with the pipes, the water flows freely and everything functions precisely as it should. When problems do come up, techniques such as repiping can help you get the water flowing again.

Who Needs Repiping?

Repiping is an effective service for any residential or commercial pipe that has developed a crack, a hole or a split. The service involves removing specific sections of pipe and replacing them with new sections. This helps to reinforce the remaining network of pipes and it saves the customer money, because comprehensive repair work isn’t required. Repiping works for older homes that may have weakened sections of pipe, and for newer homes where the pipes have been damaged by some external force.

Pipe Problems are Common

Having issues with pipes is nothing new in the world of plumbing. Most people experience some type of leak or serious drain clog at some point. If you can’t see a pipe leaking, you may be able to smell or hear it. Sometimes, mold and mildew can form when there is a slow leak and create a musty smell. The sound of dripping or gurgling can also accompany water leaks, which is handy if you can see it. If you notice any of these signs, or see that your water bill has been gradually going up, call for service before the problem escalates. The plumber may decide that repiping is the best course of action to contain the leak.

Professional Plumbers and Repiping

Professional plumbers are able to perform repiping services on the two most common types of pipes these days, which are copper and PEX. Copper pipes have been around for a long time, and PEX or polyethylene pipe is weather resistant and a popular choice in many homes and businesses. Regardless of which type you have, repiping is possible and will strengthen the network to keep your water flowing smoothly.

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